Why Digitalization ?

New talent is a boon to the current Fashion Industry and its increasing every second at a faster rate. No situation , no emergencies not even Covid-19 can stop a budding talent to bloom on their own.

What's next then , why to waste such an upcoming pool of talents?

So here's presenting Digital Platform for our very own "Talent Runway".

Why can any pandemic or absurd situation may effect or hinder the growth of any rising star with their talent.

A Digital Fashion platform will definitely provide a digital runway for our very own extraordinary talent that will be definitely aired on our official website , your youtuve channel and of course social media channels.

What Winner Will Get?

E-Certificate | Awards/Crowns | Direct Entry in Grand Finale Mumbai | Grooming in Grand Finale | Portfolio Shoot during Grand Finale Grooming.

What are you waiting for?

Gear-up your best shoes & get ready to be a part of India's First Digital Beauty Pageant!.

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Please Upload Photo