Become A Partner

Talent Runway is a well Organize Platform to repesent all MEN , WOMEN and CHILD who enhance their career in Fashion Industry.

Talent Runway also a great opportunity for Brands to establies a connection with this participant by supporting as sponsor.

Talent Runway event is well structured with branding and advertisment assets , which will be promote to host your product.

Talent Runway offer our Sponsor Partner to reach their brand globaly among individual. We promot our event 360 degree media branding such as Internet , Social Media , Magzines , venu branding , stage branding and many more to promote our valued Sponsor Partner.





Credits And Benefits To Sponsor

1. Prominent position of sponsor partner logo/Name on Talent Runway website and all graphic designs circulated online/offline.

2. Brand promotion through Talent Runway digital marketing channels targeting potential online audience on social media and Google.

3. Logo placed on every single graphic design for digital promotion.

4. Positioned logo on all Video digital marketing video.

5. Brand mentioned in time by time through Anchor at the Grand Finale.

6. Online branding on event website & social media pages, stage backdrop at the Grand Finale.

7. 4-day branding during Grooming Sessions for Finalists.

8. Honour on stage, the invitation for the press conference on pre-event.

9. Brand A/V Display at the Grand Finale.

10. Invites / Event Passes (VVIP) for Grand Finale.

11. Coverage through print & media Logo on the main flex and banner logo on the main poster.

12. The Sponsor partner can promote their product in each city where the audition will be held.

13. The Sponsor partner can use 1 standees in each audition; in the finale, the partner can use their 1 personal standees.

14. The Sponsor Partner will get the advantage of giving an introduction to the product through A/v Display & through Anchor.

15. During grooming days, Title sponsor can use their standees and can give the workshop for their products.

16. Title Sponsor will share Stage with guest celebrity and awarded by them.

17. The Sponsor partner can have the advantage to invite all Contestants/Winners to their outlet.

18. Post event digital marketing promotions.

Talent Runway Sponsors / Partners